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Toll Manufacturing

ADDAPT Chemicals also offers a versatile Toll Manufacturing service next to its own product range.

The company is strategically located on a 17.725 m2 site near motorways to Germany, Belgium and France and at close distance from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

The “addaptable” plant offers a flexible service to produce (pre)polymers; (fine) chemicals and offers blending and emulsification possibilities. State of the art process automation enables accurate process control.

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State of the art equipment

ADDAPT Chemicals BV has stainless steel reactors ranging in size from 1.500 litres, 5.000 litres, 10.000 litres and 25.000 litres. These vessels have oil heated jackets capable of temperatures up to 225 ‘C. A combination of heat exchangers and chillers allow temperatures down to 5 ‘C. Several reactors are equipped with condensers. Where necessary receiving vessels of 6.000 litres can be connected. Also some reactors can be utilized in combination with (Conti-TDS) YSTRAL mixers. There are generators for both Nitrogen and Demi-water on site. And in the near future a process installation (Nauta mixer) for powdered materials is scheduled.

For scale-up purposes a 60 litres Stainless Steel Pilot Plant with 2 (pre-emulsions) dosing tanks is available.

There is 1.350.000 litres indoor Bulk Storage for raw materials, intermediates and finished products. There are jacketed 32.000 litres bulk storage tanks available that can be heated to 90 ‘C.

Materials can be packed in 25 Kegs, 200 litres Drums and IBC and can, where necessary, be dispatched in 20″ or 40″ containers via loading docks. For bulk and flexi bag dispatch there is an on-site weigh bridge of 50 tonne capacity.

The indoor warehouse in excess of 1.900 m2 has additional vaults for chemical storage of flammable and/or ADR-goods.

Modern laboratories

Modern and well equipped

Modern and well equipped laboratories (R&D 225 m2, analytical laboratory 100 m2 and application laboratory 400 m2) are available to support further product and process development.

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