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Addapt Chemicals BV

A Dutch producer of environmentally friendly additives

Welcome to ADDAPT Chemicals BV

A Dutch producer of environmentally friendly additives

ADDAPT Chemicals BV is an independent chemical company located in the Netherlands and specialized in the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly additives for a wide variety of mainly water based systems. In-depth knowledge of additives makes us a respected and reliable ‘GLOCAL’ supplier and enables us to offer you creative and often innovative solutions.

Our extensive range of additives is used for various industry groups all over the world such as  (industrial) coatings, adhesives, (decorative) paints, renders/putties, printing inks, foam control agents, lubricants, wastewater treatment, cement/concrete gypsum and protective care systems.

For tomorrow’s technology, for tomorrow’s world…

We put emphasis on the development of new, high performing and environmentally acceptable chemicals, making us a valuable partner for companies developing tomorrow’s technology for tomorrow’s world.

Our products:

High performing & environmentally friendly additives.

Offshore oil and Gas central processing platform and remote plat
Adhesion Promoters
clean foam
red paint on paper and paint brush on white paper
Coalescing Agents
Corrosion Inhibitors
defoamers foam bubbles
Defoamers - Coatings & Industrial
Defoamers - Food & Feed
Dispersing Agents
Epic earth rotate sunlight glow starry galaxy
Functional Monomers
Blue Background Abstract Raindrop, Water, Splashes, Spray. Bokeh Dust, Particles
Miscellaneous Products
Codis water bubbles
Neutralisation Agents
wax emulsion
Phosphate Esters
The texture of the brick wall of many rows of bricks painted in blue color
Stabilised Silicate Solutions
macro of interesting oil drops on water
Aerial pine forest view
Universal Plaster
Universal Plaster Additives
BioWet leaf
Water Repellents
Tackifiers Bubbles
Wax Emulsions
water drops on dark blue surface crop
Wetting & Levelling Agents
organic raw yeast for baking bread
Yeast Control Agents

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