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WaxMul C325

WaxMul™ C325 is a T3-type carnauba wax dispersion in water. It is used in the paint industry, floor polish industry, car polish industry, shoe-and leather care and printing ink industry. Provides very good surface slip, scratch-resistance, good water-repellent properties and increased gloss. It also improves the release and anti-block properties. Highly suitable for use in water-based (car) polishes and coatings.

Wax dispersion based on T3-type carnauba wax in water, 25% solids.


  • Increases gloss and scratch resistance in polishes
  • Improves release and anti-block properties
  • Gives good water-repellent properties
  • Readily biodegradable
  • APEO-free


  • Paint industry
  • Floor polish industry
  • Car polish industry
  • Shoe- and leather care
  • Printing ink industry

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