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VeoPox 3S

VeoPox™ 3S is a reactive hybrid precursor for direct-to-metal coatings and adhesive resin systems. It greatly improves the adhesive and anti-corrosion properties of water- and solvent-based direct-to-metal coating systems. Significantly boosts the salt spray and condensation resistance of coatings. It is the silane-modified version of VeoPox™ 3.

Fatty acid-phosphate modified bisphenol F epoxy resin with reactive functionalities and silane technology.


  • Excellent adhesion promoter for metal substrates
  • Greatly increases anticorrosive properties and chemical resistance
  • Suitable for water-based and solvent-based systems
  • Polymerisable hybrid precursor
  • Can replace anti-corrosive pigments like zinc phosphates
  • Increases surface toughness
  • Solvent-free (reactive dilutant, VeoVa 10)


  • Water- & solvent-based direct-to-metal coatings
  • UV curing systems
  • 1- & 2-component adhesives
  • Emulsion polymerisation

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