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SOL 30

SOL™ 30 is a nanosized, solvent-free pure acrylic dispersion with excellent penetration properties in (semi-)porous substrates. Due to its very fine particle size, SOL™ 30 shows excellent penetration in dusting cement walls, plaster and gypsum boards.

Co-polymer dispersion based on (meth)acrylic monomers and esters.


  • Low surfactant content (low foaming)
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Very good alkaline resistance
  • Very good penetration in (semi-)porous substrates
  • Excellent penetration & good waterproofing
  • Excellent sealing of concrete
  • Anti-dusting properties
  • Nanotechnology – small particle size (<35 nm)
  • Plaster & gypsum board
  • Cementitious walls
  • Concrete

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