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PolySurF™ HEOP is a solvent-free UV-curable additive. It can also act as a co-polymerisable anionic surfactant and/or adhesion promoter. It promotes adhesion to metal, metal oxides, glass and ceramic surfaces.

Proprietary mixture of ethoxylated mono-and di-phosphate esters, the reactive group being methacrylate.


  • Excellent adhesion promoter for metal, glass and ceramic surfaces
  • Improves wet-scrub resistance
  • Emulsion co-polymerisable anionic surfactant (non-migratory)
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Flame retardant booster


  • Emulsions for paints, lacquers, printing inks and adhesives
  • Radiation-curable metal primers and finishes
  • Adhesives & bonding agents

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