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Foamstop VF 35N

Foamstop™ VF 35N is a highly effective and sustainable foam control agent for both water- and solvent-based (coating) systems. Superior alternative to mineral oil-based defoamers.

Proprietary blend of oils with PAGs and surface-active components.


  • Very suitable for high PVC emulsion paints and low VOC emulsion paints based on PVAC, styrene/acrylics or pure acrylics
  • Very suitable for cost-effective, high PVC emulsion paints
  • Maintains the defoaming properties over a prolonged period of time
  • Disperses easily, requiring only mild agitation
  • Does not contain nonylphenol derivatives (APEO-free); silicones/siloxanes; amines; nitrates or fluorides


  • Paint and plaster industry
  • Adhesive industry
  • Lubricant industry
  • Wastewater treatment

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