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CODIS™ 95 is a neutralisation- and buffering agent that also acts as an effective co-dispersant for (mineral) pigments and fillers. Contributes to pH stability when neutralising carboxylic acid groups in water-borne coatings, thereby exhibiting high gloss, good water resistance and anti-corrosion properties. Used for water-based coatings, and printing inks.

Proprietary blend of alkanol amines in water.



  • Long-time stable pH adjustment (important for storage stability)
  • Excellent co-dispersing properties (pigment paste and paint)
  • Anti-corrosion and emulsifying properties
  • Optimizes pH in the grinding phase
  • Increases the effectiveness of dispersing additives
  • Minimizes the risk of “rub out”


  • Interior & exterior paints
  • Lacquers
  • Printing inks
  • Putties, textures
  • Metalworking fluids

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