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BioWet P 77

BioWet™ P 77 is a VOC-free, universal additive for the production of (textured) masonry coatings, renders (including silicone/silicate types) and putties. The unique dispersing properties of BioWet™ P 80 allow optimal uptake of tinting pastes. Usage of BioWet™ P 77 allows an easy formulation of various renders (putz) for silicone resin-containing, emulsion based as well as silicate-containing. Renders of 0.5 mm up to 3 mm can easily be formulated. Various “basic” components are no longer needed due to the 'MASTERBATCH' approach (a separate brochure is available). BioWet™ P 77 is also a great multifunctional levelling agent for water-based wall paint formulations. BioWet™ P7 7 is recommended for existing tinting scheme formulations.

Blend of multi-alcohols and polymers in water.


  • No additional dispersants, wetting agents, waxes, water-repellents, fatty alcohols and “alkalines” are needed during plaster production
  • Allows reduction of production cycles by up to 50%
  • No additional coalescing agents needed
  • No additional alkaline additives needed
  • Provides optimised hydrophobic properties
  • Good drying profiles at high and low temperatures
  • Prevents the formation of pinholes
  • Improves levelling and flow characteristics
  • Excellent wetting and levelling properties
  • Non-VOC
  • No labelling


  • Renders/plasters/putz/putties
  • Water-based masonry/wall coatings

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