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BioWet 25

BioWet™ 25 acts as a solvent-free, readily biodegradable wetting agent that also imparts anti-corrosion properties. It offers pigment grinding efficiency and reduction of pigment particle size. Improves flow characteristics of both paper coatings and sizing and wetting of pigment surface. Gives gloss improvement of emulsion lacquers, and wet-edge (open time) of emulsion paints and lacquers. Proves to be a very good carrier for water-soluble chemicals that have to be placed on/in hydrophobic surfaces. Used in paper coatings and printing inks. Exhibits high surface energy that leads to a very good wetting of the (paper) coating without an increase of the water absorption (low COBB value).

Polyhydroxy amide.


  • Exhibits high surface energy properties
  • Increases pigment wetting and grinding efficiency
  • Increases wet-edge (open time) of emulsion paints and lacquers
  • Improves the “flop” effect of aluminium pigments
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Non-foaming
  • No labelling


  • Coatings and lacquers
  • Paper coatings/impregnation
  • Printing inks (OPV)
  • Cleaning agents

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