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BioFlow 71

BioFlow™ 71 is a VOC- and silicone free wetting agent for aqueous systems such as (paper) coatings, inks, and universal pigment preparations.

Proprietary mixture of surface-active compounds in water.

  • Improves pigment wetting, grinding efficiency and particle size reduction
  • Improves colour acceptance of tinting systems
  • Works synergistically with the ADDISP ECO universal pigment dispersant
  • Great wetting and anti-crater additive for water-borne systems
  • Excellent carrier for water-soluble chemicals that must be placed on/in hydrophobic surfaces
  • Exhibits low surface tension values under both dynamic and static conditions
  • Exhibits a high surface energy that leads to an excellent wetting of the coating without an increase of the water absorption (low COBB value)
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Low foaming


  • Coatings (WB)
  • Printing inks (OPV)
  • Paper coatings (impregnation)



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