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Anticor PQ

Anticor™ PQ is a water-free, multi-metal corrosion inhibitor. Suitable for the protection of aluminium, copper, and iron substrates in water-based and solvent-based systems. BTA/TTA-free.

Proprietary mixture of mono-and di-phosphate esters.


  • Multi-metal corrosion protection/passivation of iron, copper, and aluminium.
  • Can be used in solvent-based systems and in water-based systems upon neutralisation.
  • It increases hydrophobicity and gloss in direct-to-metal coating systems.
  • It has surfactant properties with minimal foaming properties.
  • Anticor™ PQ is active in both acidic and alkaline media.
  • Readily biodegradable


  • Water-based paints and lacquers
  • Protective agents
  • Metalworking fluids

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