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Anticor CBA 63

Anticor™ CBA 63 is an anti-corrosion/metal passivating additive for metallic pigments. It protects (unstabilised) copper, bronze and aluminium pigments from oxidation and gas formation reactions.

Proprietary blend of phosphonates and glycol ethers.


  • Greatly improves wetting and dispersing of metallic pigments
  • Inhibits gas hydrogen gas formation during storage
  • Prevents corrosion and skin formation during storage
  • Passivates un-passivated aluminium and zinc pigments
  • Protects metallic pigments from medium-high shear processing
  • Increases production time
  • Non-foaming
  • Readily biodegradable


  • Metallic pigment concentrates
  • Metallic effect coatings


See also our YouTube channel for additional information about Anticor™ CBA 63 and others.

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