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ADDISP™ 600N is an excellent solvent-free dispersing agent for titanium dioxide, mineral pigments, and fillers. It is also excellently suitable for colourants and reactive pigments. It is recommended in formulations with medium-high PVC (30 - 80 %). In comparison with most dispersants, the abrasion values are significantly lower.

Very low- and narrow molecular weight polyacrylate dispersant containing phosphate moieties and having a sodium cation, 40% solids.


  • Excellent dispersants for titanium dioxide, minerals, and inorganic pigments
  • Provides high wet scrub resistance, allows reduction of TiO2 and binder
  • Hard water resistant due to phosphate moiety – use without polyphosphates!


  • Titanium dioxide slurries
  • Inorganic pigment and mineral concentrates
  • Architectural coatings
  • Decorative coatings
  • Wood coatings

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