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The Synthetic Latex Company (Pty) Ltd

Based in the Sasolburg industrial hub, The Synthetic Latex Company (SLC) has over the past half century played a pivotal role in South Africa’s chemical industry.

SLC specialises in the production of latex polymers for the Coatings, Construction, Paper & Board and Carpet & Textile Industries, as well as Hand Sanitisers and Pothole Fix – at all times placing a high premium on environment, health and safety.

Striving to be continuously innovative, the SLC portfolio has evolved considerably the past few years, with the business branching out into Chemical Distribution, Integrated Warehousing, Industrial Cleaning, Toll Manufacturing, Bulk Storage and Dust Suppression.

More recently, the company has tapped into the worldwide Coworking phenomenon by setting up WorkZone@SLC, which offers prime Coworking Space to freelancers and remote workers, while another exciting initiative, The Shared Services Company (SSC), provides a diverse range of essential Corporate Services, including Occupational Healthcare, to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Innovation is the name of the game.”

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