Surface Coatings Association Australia

ADDAPT going down under to the SCAA

This week, ADDAPT will be present at the SCAA (Surface Coatings Association Australia) in Melbourne, Australia to give a presentation.

Besides the SCAA we will visit our distributor Protective Technology and see some of their customers.

Surface Coatings Association Australia May 29th – May 30th in Melbourne. For more information visit the website of the SCAA.

Meet our: ADDISP ECO

ADDISP™ ECO is a universal reactive pigment dispersing agent partially sourced from biomass. As a ‘One for All’ solution, ADDISP™ ECO excels in preparing organic and inorganic pigment concentrates with particle sizes below 5 microns by using only a dissolver.”

Biobased polymer with surface-active components.

  • No ball mill necessary, dissolver only
  • One for all pigment dispersant
  • Suitable for inorganic, organic, carbon black, and various fillers
  • Suitable for water-, solvent & UV-based applications
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs & waste
  • Lower investment costs
  • Readily biodegradable and partly biobased product
  • UV coatings
  • Water-based & solvent-based systems
  • Anticorrosive coatings
  • Industrial coatings
  • Pigment concentrates/colourants & fillers

European Coatings Show 2023

After four years the European Coatings Show will again open its doors in Nuremberg Germany from 28-30 March, 2023. The ECS is the world’s leading exhibition for the paint and coatings industry and exhibitors and visitors from all over the world attend this show. As a producer of additives ADDAPT Chemicals BV will be one of the exhibitors on the European Coatings Show 2023. It would be a pleasure to welcome you at our stand 5-410, hall 5.


ADDAPT Chemicals BV will also give a presentation at the European Coatings Show Conference (March 27th, 12.30–13.00h) called: “Reactive bio-based pigment dispersant”; introducing ADDISP ECO followed by the official launch at the European Coatings Show.
ADDISP ECO is the new “One for All” pigment dispersant for organic, inorganic and carbon black without the need of a pearl/ball mill thereby simplifying dispersing pigments with tremendous costs savings.

Anticor RCP – Rust Converter

ADDAPT has launched the new product Anticor RCP. It is a rust conversion primer that combines excellent rust converting properties with strong adhesion to metals. It consists of an acrylic copolymer – Epoxy Hybrid blend with rust converting additives. Anticor RCP can be applied directly onto rusted substrates to convert the rust into an anticorrosive complex and thus passivating the substrate for further corrosion.

For more information on the Anticor RCP, please have a look at the technical information.

Foamstop SX™ – based on modified Siloxanes

ADDAPT launches a new range of defoamers based on modified Siloxanes:

  • Foamstop SX 29 is a highly effective Siloxane based Foam Control Agent for all types of use in aqueous industrial fluids.
  • Foamstop SX 31 is a highly effective Siloxane based, Foam Control Agent for all types of aqueous and non-aqueous metalworking lubricant concentrates based on PolyoxyAlkylene technology.
  • Foamstop SX 47 is a highly effective Foam Control Agent for all types of aqueous and non-aqueous metal working systems.
  • Foamstop SX 53 is a highly effective Foam Control Agent for all types of aqueous and non-aqueous systems. It is a proprietary blend of Siloxane and Surface-Active components.
  • Foamstop SX 67 is a highly effective Foam Control Agent for all types of aqueous and non-aqueous systems. It is a proprietary blend of Polyalkyleneglycols, and Siloxane based Surface-Active components.

For more information go to our Product page.